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The Conscious Leadership Circle (CLC) is a leadership program, unlike anything you've ever experienced. We know that as a highly successful and driven individual, you have already mastered the basics. You have the education, technical skills, board of advisors and a highly qualified team behind you. You know what it takes to get the job done and how to succeed, fast.


However, if you're reading this, you are also extremely driven to improve. Driven to reach that next level, that next goal, that next peak. You are most likely seeking more fulfillment from the successes you've already unlocked. If you are like the thousands of successful entrepreneurs and business owners we've helped, you probably have asked yourself some of the following questions:


  • I have achieved so much in my life, but it still doesn't feel like enough. Will I ever be satisfied with where I am at?

  • My team is highly qualified and determined, how can I enable us to reach the next level?

  • I have a vision for my next strategic goal, but the tools I've applied previously are not working - why not?

  • When I try to relax, I find it hard to disconnect. Will my to-do list ever stop running through my brain?

  • Is the pressure and stress of the business good for me? Is this pace sustainable?

  • When do I get to enjoy all of the luxuries I've worked so hard for?


CLC is a program dedicated precisely to your needs. CLC is Productive Learning's Premier Leadership workshop designed to focus on everything that the executive/business owner/manager faces in order to climb the next mountain. In a small group setting (15 members) you will get individualized time dedicated to precisely what is challenging you that month. 


However, CLC does not focus on the technical building blocks. We focus on the thinking required to implement the skills you already know. What does that mean? For example, we will not train you to better execute your strategic plan or develop a 20-year vision. CLC provides the forum to discuss with your facilitator and peers the personal blocks that are preventing you from achieving your next big thing.



Conscious Leadership Circle is for a select group of mindful leaders to provide a guided, roundtable platform to challenge and widen their perspectives resulting in stronger, conscious leadership. Participants will grow in their ability to positively influence their companies to perform at exceptional levels. Each leader in our circle believes that the success of their business and their lives is a direction of their thoughts, feelings, and choices they make, thus their personal growth is a requirement to create an extraordinary life and an extraordinary business.


Here's the deal- CLC provides you with:


  • CLC Official Launch Package: 
    - One-on-One Initiation Meeting: 
    After your application has been approved, you will receive a one-hour 1-on-1 meeting with our facilitator to discuss your particular goals, challenges, and objectives for the program. This may be completed in-person or over the phone.
    What to Expect Packet: You will receive a detailed package designed to answer all of your questions about the format, topics covered, methodologies and logistics.
    Invitation to Welcome Breakfast: In order to get to know your new "business partners," all new CLC members are invited to a pre-meeting breakfast and networking session. This is not formal, it will be fun!
    - CLC Bound Notebook: A nice place to take notes, capture ideas and most importantly- track progress, both in the workshop and out of workshop!


  • Workshop Details:
    8 Hours of In-Person, Trainer Workshop Hours Per Month (We Meet on one Thursday per Month) In these meetings, each CLC member brings with them their current challenges (needing to grow sales, managing stress, increasing margins, finding new employees, etc.) The trainer facilitates discussions and exercises to uncover the root causes of the issues. The goal is to not merely "apply a tactic" or "treat a symptom", but to identify the underlying issues or offer a new perspective to see how your default thinking might be limiting your ability to succeed. Each meeting format is different and there will be an opportunity for each member to dive into his/her own challenge. 
    Premier Access to the Conscious Community Social Network: Our Conscious Community (CC) is like no other group of colleagues or friends you’ve ever had before. Everyone in our CC is dedicated to their own personal growth as well as yours. We keep each other accountable and get to know each other’s patterns so that we can not only identify the thinking that is limiting us but move beyond it. CC includes private Facebook Group Access.
    - 30 Minute One-on-One Progress Meetings: Each month you will receive a one-on-one meeting (phone or in-person) with your workshop facilitator to track progress, dive deeper into current challenges and further your relationship with the trainer- yes we believe this is important! The better we know you, the better we can understand your default thinking and help create new pathways in the brain enabling success and shattering barriers.
    - Built-in Support Network: CLC members will become trusted partners, friends and colleagues. Many of our members are also members of other professional associations like Vistage or EO, however, our community is unlike other associations focused on skills, tactics, and actions. Our community is based on trust and creating a safe space to openly share even the hardest topics. Imagine having a team of 15 people who know you and will push you to succeed in the most authentic ways? Yeah, we dig it too.
    - A Whole Host of Special Perks: Throughout the year, we plan special events designed to create community, build relationships and have fun. We believe that bonding in a social setting increases
    trust, deepens relationships, and enables growth. 

  • Locations: Southern California members meet at our office in Capistrano Beach. Northern California members meet in South San Francisco Area (Location is TBD) Can't make these locations? Request a new location here!

  • Pricing: CLC Monthly dues are $900 USD per month. Payments will be made via auto-payment on the first of each month. We accept all major credit cards.

  • Commitment Period: Once your CLC application is accepted and registration is complete, the membership period is for 12 months. If at any point you are unsatisfied with your experience, you may terminate your membership by giving 30 days advanced notice via personal notification to your facilitator and a formal email to If you do not cancel your membership, your enrollment will extend to the following year.

  • Click here to download the information packet for a full list of dates and a detailed list of requirements.

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