Become a Leadership Circle Facilitator

Productive Learning has created an opportunity to expand your leadership reach and utilize your business acumen to assist executives and leaders in their growth process. 


By becoming a CLC Facilitator, you will be able to impart your powerful business knowledge to a group of forward thinking individuals. By utilizing the CLC business structure, you will be able to make a profound impact by facilitating growth among the members while adding a high level of emotional intelligence guidance.

Our CLC program has been created to be turn-key for facilitators. You will be extensively trained on your first year's worth of group sessions which will supply you with the content necessary to propel your group forward in each of their individual businesses.


The content and trainings that Productive Learning provides to our group of esteemed facilitators will include:

  • Training in Productive Learning's Mind Model and emotional intelligence training methodologies

  • Issue/Opportunity worksheets that spark in depth conversation regarding current business situations

  • Significant Events announcements which encourages the peer group to have a watchful eye on each others business so they can bring their respective backgrounds to help one another

  • 12 months of content for in person meetings created by experts with over 35 years of emotional intelligence training and innovative business experience

Click here to email Lindon Crow - CLC Facilitator and President of Productive Learning for more information or utilize our Contact Page.