Meet Damon Brown - Your CLC Facilitator

Hello!  My name is Damon Brown, and I’m a facilitator for Productive Learning’s Conscious Leadership Circle.  Almost 25 years ago, I began my professional journey with several college friends in Santa Barbara.  With a knack for computers, we decided to start a company to address rapidly growing technology needs.  We grew that business from four guys sitting on cardboard boxes to a $130 million corporation through hard work, sound business decisions, and a focus on strong leadership.​

But that’s just part of my story.

I grew up in a hardworking, but rather poor family.  While attending Santa Barbara City College, I discovered an intuitive ability to continually fix the computer my mother had bought for me.  In partnership with three friends, we began branching out and offering our services in the business community.  Once we shifted our mindset from having a side-job to building a true business, the sky became the limit.

​Our company built innovative, focused, and consistent technologies for government contracts.  In my role, I worked to develop go to market strategy, manage corporate scale change, guide mergers and acquisitions, and develop technical strategy for the State, Local, Educational, and Federal systems to integrate with business units.  It was quite a lot to take on, but it was incredibly empowering.

Although we were a tech company, it was important for us to create a collaborative organization that focused on effective communication.  To lead such an organization, each senior leader – myself included – began focusing a significant amount of our efforts on building leadership, communication, and business skills beyond what we had thought possible.  We were dedicated to becoming productive mentors.  This was how I found Productive Learning and Leisure, as it was called back in the early 2000’s.  Linden Crow, the founder of Productive Learning, became a powerful mentor.

By 2012, the focus of our company was beginning to shift, and we were looking at our options.  After assisting with the negotiations to divest the SLED business to a managed IT services provider in 2014, I transitioned into the role of Director of Solutions, Strategy, and Innovation for that company.  However, the real excitement in my days continued to land within the realm of mentoring the many individuals who would seek my counsel from every level within the business.

As business leaders, we so often define ourselves and others by our success.  It certainly felt that way for me for quite a long time as I failed to realize my true passions.  So, when the sale of my company coupled with devastating family tragedy, it felt as though the world had shifted on its axis.  Whereas I had felt that the sky was the limit a decade earlier, it now seemed as though that same sky was falling down on top of me.  But that’s wasn’t the time to give up; these are the times when the best work happens – as long as you know how to launch past what’s standing in your way.​

In 2016, it was clear to me that my ambition and path weren’t in alignment (a tough pill to swallow).  Turning to my longtime mentor, Lindon Crow, a new exploration began and led me to their Conscious Leadership Circle, a group of professionals who blend drive with self-awareness to become stronger leaders, more successful professionals, and happier humans.  These were my people.


My story is far from over.  In truth, it feels like it’s just beginning. 

Today, I facilitate Conscious Leadership Circle groups, helping to guide productive conversations and challenge assumptions to support continued growth.  I pull from decades of business, technology, and life experience to coach clients one-on-one. 
I continue embracing mind, body, spirit balance while teaching martial arts.  Perhaps most importantly, I slow down each day to enjoy my children and my wife, who are at the core of all that is beautiful in my world.


Since those earliest days of building my business, I’ve understood that the mastery of leadership begins with the mastery of self.  Now, I dedicate myself to helping others on their path.  What can we make happen together?  The sky truly is the limit.



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