Meet Melanie Aaron - Your CLC Facilitator

I’m a Conscious Leadership Circle facilitator with Productive Learning.


Years ago, I heard two words from a college instructor that gave me pause: change leader.


The words planted the seed that would later influence me in pursuing a career bringing significant transformation to businesses and clients.


I grew up in Maryland amid the fog of Aqua Net and the electrical riffs of 1980s rock metal. I had big hair, big music and big dreams of becoming an agent of positive change.


From an early age, I sensed the magnitude of things that are bigger than us—things that we can’t always see but know they exist. This faith sustained my ambitions and vision to pursue big projects. In my career, I implemented organizational change, designed training, and sales incentive programs, and directed operations and marketing for various companies—all while increasing revenue and profits.  


I graduated with a BS in Healthcare Administration and an MA in Organizational Leadership. 


As president and director of operations at PropertyMax, I managed millions of dollars of real estate assets for several investment clients. Under my direction, the business grew from 30 managed properties to nearly 100 properties in two years. 


I went on to manage several sales and marketing teams. First, at Hobbs-Herder Advertising, I used motivational and innovative training to increase sales revenue by 42 percent. Then, at Brookdale Senior Living, I increased occupancy from 71 percent to 97 percent—in only the first four months. While at Kirkwood Orange Assisted Living, I doubled the monthly lead volume in six months.


In my last position in assisted living, I brought in a healthy revenue stream by helping create a new product line which was a first of its kind in the local market.


My trajectory took me from Maryland to Colorado to my permanent home in Southern California, where I left behind business management to become a transformational leadership coach and business consultant.


I’ve traveled the journey of leadership in both the workplace and volunteer activities. My experience drives my passion and fosters my vision, values, and mission: to guide clients toward answers and coach them on organizational structure, development of culture, team building, increasing revenue, and strategic planning.  Utilizing tools and methodologies, such as Six Sigma, allows me to support organizations in identifying performance issues and implementing process improvements.

I’m a no-nonsense facilitator, who draws out the best in people and breaks down barriers by asking the tough questions… what are you really afraid of?


I know there’s something within us that creates the need to micromanage. You may be successful in your career, but I help you see why your leadership style doesn’t allow you to let go – I help you to get out of your own way.


I believe a strong leader needs to distinguish between managing and leading. It’s one thing to be the taskmaster and another to be the person who inspires the team to achieve extraordinary results.


Working with me means shifting your thinking. I tap into your fears and your need to control outcomes. Clients enhance business performance, discover their truths, and push past their mental blocks.


I understand how life struggles can create strong and wise leaders. Surviving breast cancer taught me to reach a deeper level of self-awareness, become an effective leader, and rise from failures. After all, failure is a bruise, not a tattoo. When it comes to vision and goals “I can’t do it!” doesn’t exist in my vernacular and I won’t allow it in yours.


For 15 years I’ve been volunteering with hospice organizations because I believe no one should die alone. I help provide the highest quality end-of-life care and participate in various volunteer committees in the senior living industry. I’ve raised over $250,000 for charities and I’m a Delta Society-certified Animal Assisted Therapist.


While the days of big hair are gone, I’m still a die-hard fan of 80s rock metal. I’m also a NASCAR aficionado (go Denny Hamlin!) and share my space with two kitties and a  Miniature Pinscher mix named Carson. Carson taught me unconditional love and patience. I’m also a Delta Society-certified Animal Assisted Therapist.


As a client of Productive Learning, I know how the workshops can spring up those profound “aha!” moments. Now, I’m an energetic facilitator ready to uplift and shepherd individuals toward clarity.

Whether it’s a small shift in your personal development or a significant change in your large organization, my teachings are based on the power of transformation.


Are you willing to see past the limitations and experience the possibilities?



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