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Hello! I’m Carmen Scott and I’m a facilitator for Productive Learning’s Conscious Leadership Circle. I have always valued and respected the power a leader holds in an organization as well as in the lives of the individuals they influence. The role of a leader is important which is why having support is paramount and being encouraged to grow is essential to creating ideal conditions for success.


For over 30 years, I have been in a leadership role in the financial industry moving from a Branch Manager to my current position as Senior Vice President in Software Release Management for Bank of America. My background is very diverse, having held management positions in Global Consumer Banking, Small Business, Premier Banking, Mortgage/Consumer Real Estate Fulfillment, Process Design and Information Technology.


I have excelled in each position by implementing exceptional leadership skills with strengths in enterprise-wide team building, problem resolution, project execution, and initiative and risk management. My focus has always been to influence key executives, driving results by being an energetic motivator, skilled at inspiring others, building results oriented teams while optimizing individual performance utilizing and leveraging a strong knowledge base.


But that is just my corporate career. And although I think it gives me a wide-ranging framework for understanding and supporting leaders in any industry, it is not the most important of my accomplishments. It’s my life outside my corporate work that makes me uniquely qualified and inspired to facilitate Conscious Leadership Circles.


I am the second youngest of six children. As long as I can remember, it has always been important to me to be a team player where everyone feels understood and welcomed to collaborate. My parents and siblings created a supportive environment developing my ability to navigate childhood through early adulthood which was for the most part uneventful circumstances. Maybe we didn’t always get what we wanted, but we were always taken care of, and I felt my parents made every attempt to understand and guide us.


It was because of their patience, kindness and integrity that I developed leadership skills at a very early age. I remember in Jr. High being chosen as a team captain for a volleyball team. My strategy at the time wasn’t just picking the best and strongest players. My tactic for having the winning team was to include the people with athletic potential who were possibly even afraid of the ball or didn’t know how to play. I worked with each of them individually to overcome their fear, motivating them, and teaching them skills. Not only were we successful but the entire team bonded by overcoming obstacles together. I believe this passion for helping others has been my formula for success.


I married the man of my dreams and best friend when I was 21 years old. He was shy and introverted, and I was adventurous and extroverted. We were complete opposites, and we balanced each other out perfectly with similar values and humor! We raised two beautiful daughters together and although our life was small and simple, I felt safe and cherished; and I got to be adventurous and take risks at work. I really felt like I had it all.


My husband passed away after 19 years of marriage and at the time, I saw myself go through the motions of life. I still had two teenage girls to take care of and a job to excel at, now more than ever, I needed to succeed. I became very disconnected from my life and myself. Without my husband, I felt the lack of security he provided me, and it exposed a deep insecurity within myself. So I went back to what I knew, my athleticism, and signed up for a marathon. In training, I stumbled and repeatedly sprained my ankles. While working with an amazing acupuncturist, he introduced me to the mind-body connection and extracted some thoughts and beliefs that I would need to address to fully recover, healing my body and my heart. Once that door was opened, I didn’t just walk through it - I ran through it with vigor and tenacity. I wanted to learn and grow!


My greatest challenge currently is living a little more outside my comfort zone. This is something I’ve only recently realized I desire more of in my life. I’m so grateful to all my mentors, coaches, friends, and loved ones who have helped me understand the drivers that have shaped me. Now I am looking to explore the version of myself that exists beyond those drivers!


Outside my roles as SVP and CLC Facilitator, I am a grandma to six amazing grandchildren. I maintain a healthy and active lifestyle so that I can keep up with them as well as my daughters and their husbands. Whether I am running on the beach, or helping to teach my granddaughters to ski, I am richly blessed and truly feel ready to open my heart to a loving relationship. I have experienced so much growth both personally and professionally, I am excited at the potential to grow with someone by my side.


As a CLC facilitator I look forward to having the privilege to use my business and personal background to assist others in their journey of aligning their inner selves to their personal and business objectives.


I have confidence that you have everything you need to be a great leader. However, we all have thoughts and beliefs that limit us from experiencing the potential that lies within. Let’s uncover the assumptions that hold you back and create a plan to implement what you need to be your most successful self! Let’s explore your ideal version of leadership together and carve a roadmap of your success

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